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A happy ending!

Last nights antenatal classes were ok.  I think that with the modern age of Google, magazines and stuff we know way more than people used to. There was not much said that I did not already know.  But it was nice to meet other people and I am sure as the classes progress it will teach me something, especially the more practical stuff.  With that I have NO idea! 

What happened after the class was a lot more interesting!  I was driving along when this dog wondered out in front of me.  Luckily I managed to break and avoid it.  I thought it was a Border Collie type dog as it had that colouring but looked a bit on the heavy side.  The car behind me also managed to avoid it.  I drove along for a bit, then did a U-turn to see if I could go and find it.  It was wondering along the side of the road, so I pulled over, opened my car door.  It wondered over to me and put both its front paws on the chair of my car and looked at me.  Uhmm, get in you lazy lump.  Nope it was not budging.  I had to heave the dog into my car.  I am always a bit nervous about grabbing stray dogs or picking them up but he seemed friendly enough.  He was really cute and looked like a Bearded Collie from up close – with whiskers! 

But, now what do I do.  I have two dogs and two cats at home – none of which like stray or strange animals and it is 10 o’ clock at night!  Luckily the dog had a collar on with an Animal Welfare tag.  I took the dog home and put it in my garage and called their emergency number.  They were able to give me the owners contact details so I phoned them. They were overjoyed and came round right away to come and pick him up.  They were an elderly couple who had, had workmen at their home earlier that afternoon and think the dog must have slipped out then.  They all seemed very happy to be reunited.  I asked and he was a Bearded Collie – his name was Laddie.

I hope if my dogs or cats every go missing that somebody finds them and is able to get them back to me too.


A Bearded Collie
A Bearded Collie

Laddie was a bit older and scragglier than this one, but just as cute and smiley looking with a very waggy tail.


6 thoughts on “A happy ending!

  1. You are a good Samaritan!

    My cats both wear collars with my phone number on. I see too many posters in shop windows of people looking for their animals, or of animals being found.

  2. Hayley – When ever I drive past a dog I always think, what if it were mine.

    Hanlie – I can’t keep collars on my cats. They have mastered the art of getting them off. At one stage I was going through about 2 collars a week per cat. My dogs do have collars with name and phone number and all my animals are microchipped. It costs less than R100 and is for life. I think it is worth it as most vets and places of rescue have scanners so they will be able to contact me regardless of whether or not the collar stays on.

    Trica – they were over joyed.

    Firefly – It is a problem I have. I always stop and pick up stray dogs. Actually I think it runs in our family. My mom, sister and brother have a tendancy to do it as well. Especially if they are collie type dogs. I should just put the Animal Welfare number on speed dial.

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