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20 years ago

OK, it is official!  I am old.  It is my 20 years school reunion tonight.  Good glory was it really 20 years ago…….

I was not going to go – I did not go to the 10 year one (although I had a decent excuse – I was living in Sweden).  This time, no decent excuse, not even one that I could make up. 

I can’t believe that I finished school 20 years ago, in some ways it feels so short and in others it feels like a life time away.   I am not looking forward to it.  I believe not that many people have RSVP’d (clever) and so there are only going to be about 40 people there (including partners). 

Why could they not have had it in April or May (just after Ironman – I was looking hot) Instead I now look 5 months pregnant.  Ok, it does help that I am actually 5 months pregnant and not just that I look it but still.  However,  as my delightful sister reminded me, it could be worse  I could still have the perm that I had in matric………..  It was after all the 80’s


9 thoughts on “20 years ago

  1. I think the same girl has arranged the 10 year as well as the 20 year. And she only arrived at the school in Matric if I remember correctly. If it was up to the rest of us there would not be one.

  2. Yup, our 20yrs is next year and kippie here is organising it! Along with help from a mate of mine….I have been waiting for SOMEONE to do it but clearly it will have to be moi. I cant wait – am sure yours will be such fun!

  3. Oh enjoy. It’s mine as well this year – but luckily in CT at the end of November so i’m not able to go.

    And i’m sure you’ll look gorgeous and glowing.

  4. You should have gone…it is always fun to see how everybody has aged…and the men with their beer barrels and balding spots….wish I can see all my old pals now 32 years down the line:)

  5. Melody – good luck with the organising! It was fun, I am glad I went.

    Shayne – if mine was out of town I would not have gone either.

    Firefly – the time has flown!!

    6000 – took you that bit longer to finish school??? And look how well you have done since – well done.

    DS – Believe me I have not returned since either. If it were not for the fact that I knew how much trouble the girls had gone to to organise this one and the fact that I bumpt into one of them last month I would not have gone.

    Lynette – I did. And you are right it was fun to see them. And the men did age worse than the women.

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