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And yet again….

CUT!!!  Please..........
CUT!!! Please..........

So it turns out that blushing seems to be becoming a habit of late!!! 

On Monday night it was our first Antenatal class that the guys also attended.  The previous Monday the lady that takes the course had said that there were 3 girls that were not able to make it that night but would be there the following week. 

I had made sure that Mr OL and I were not late, so we were seated when most of the others arrived (ok, when all of the others arrived – we got there first and yes, I was not popular…… sorry Mr OL). 

The girl that sat down next to me I knew pretty well.  My mom and hers are very good friends.  She also attends the same yoga class that I go to on a Tuesday night.  As the people were walking in we were just watching them when I felt that horrible feeling of heat rising and knew that I was going BLOOD RED!  Who should walk in but one of my ex boyfriends?  I have had two long term relationships before Mr OL and one of them just walked into my antenatal class with his wife!!!  Yikes – talk about embarrassing.  Luckily I had time for the colour to leave my face before he saw me.  Then he turned blood red.  Hee hee hee!  

Luckily we had not parted on bad terms and it was about 4 years ago, so not too bad.  It was just a surprise and not exactly who I would want around if I had personal questions to ask.  I am sure from their side they felt exactly the same way.  It would also have been nice to know that his wife was pregnant before I saw them there.  Not that I suppose it matters either way.  It is odd though that nobody mentioned it as I am still friends with his brother and wife and they had not said anything to either of us.  

  Then last night at the yoga the other girl and I were talking about it, and laughing. We told the yoga instructor what had happened and we were all joking around and saying that it was like something you saw in bad movies.  Two minutes later the new girl arrived and who should she be – yip, you guessed it.  My ex boyfriend’s wife!  It was all I could do not to laugh.  The yoga instructor realized straight way by my face that this was who we had just been talking about…..  I don’t know how we all managed to keep straight faces.  The movie just went from bad to comedic….. 

I do think it could have been a lot worse though, like if we had not parted well, or he had left me for her or something like that.  Then it could have been very awkward.  As it was the class was very nice and we all got along well.

7 thoughts on “And yet again….

  1. Suppose that does happen when you live in the same town as your ex!

    I think you handled it well tho.

    Best get over the awkwardness now tho – sounds like you’ll have her around for some time in the future!

  2. Shayne – yip, who knows, we might end up good friends….

    FF and DS – me too. I still chuckle about it when ever I think about it.

  3. 6000 – true and if you take into account the age splits as well it was inevitable.

    Hanlie – yip, luckily it was a few years ago that we split and it was amicable. Still embarrasing though.

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