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20 Week Scan

Here are a couple of photo’s from our 20 Week scan.

so cute!
so cute!


Arms and fists
Arms and fists


Big foot?
Big foot?




All in all it went very well, everything is were it is supposed to be and growing at the rate it is supposed to grow at. 

The only negative thing was that MR OL FORGOT!!!!!!  Yip, he was supposed to be there and was not.  His loss, he missed out on seeing the baby move around and open and close it’s mouth


8 thoughts on “20 Week Scan

  1. He forgot?

    Oh my. Own goal of note.

    I have never missed a scan appointment in either of our (her) our pregnancies.

    That said, if I had missed one in the first pregnancy, there wouldn’t have been a second pregnancy.

  2. Shayne – Thanks

    Imsonotablogger – it is, I keep looking at the pictures.

    6000 – Yip, this is going to be an only child. I told him if he wants any more they will need to be adopted……

    Lynette – I am.

    Hanlie – thank you.

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