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The weekend!

Tonight we are going to a couple cooking class.  The theme is Vietnamese (what do they eat???)  Should be interesting, I really enjoy cooking and so does Mr OL.  Although I think he is a bit worried – giving his pregnant wife a large knife when she is still not that charmed with him at the moment…..  

Probably explains why he has volunteered to do the cooking for the last couple of nights?  

Other than that it looks like a quiet weekend.  I am going to get stuck into my garden again – trying to prepare it for summer.  Last weekend I pulled up all the old plants or veggies that had gone to seed and planted some new ones.  Some body has also given me some Swiss chard seeds to plant so I might try and find a space for them. 

So far I have planted Cos lettuce, peas, beetroot, basil, and tomatoes as well as Marigolds and Nasturtiums.  I can’t wait for them to be ready to harvest – although my timing might be a bit off.  The seeds said ready for harvest in about 120 days, and that is around about when I am due.  I might not feel much like picking veggies then. 

We have also started work on building a veggie garden (at the moment the stuff gets planted between the other flowers in my front garden).  We need to wall or fence of an area in the back garden that the dogs can’t get to and create a proper veggie garden.  I am leaving that up to Mr OL though.  For now, I will just keep planting in the front.


5 thoughts on “The weekend!

  1. Enjoy – the class sounds like fun. Pls share your recipes?

    I’ve been working in my garden for the last few days and everything is looking so good. I feel so proud when looking out and see the evidence of my hard work!

  2. I hope the weather is good for gardening this weekend. I have to get stuck into my pool area…the wall and rockart is now complete…so the plants can go in.

  3. I’ve also been working in my garden planting veges.So far the cabbage and carrot plantings are the most promising, with a few tomaties. Still waiting for the other stuff to germinate.

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