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A Lazy Sunday!!

I have not had such a lazy Sunday in ages and I LOVED it!  I mostly stayed in bed reading.  I started and finished a book and it was heavenly.  

I did get a burst of energy a couple of times.  First I made breakfast for Mr OL and myself – then buried myself back under the covers and into my book and then at about midday I decided to bake some cookies – yum!  Then it was straight back to the book.  

I think Mr OL must have decided that if he wanted to eat anything else he had better make it himself.  So a bit later I was tempted away from my book by delicious smells of roast lamb……  Hmmmmm!  

It was perfect weather to do this, rainy, miserable, dark!  I could not think of a better way to spend yesterday!

The book I read was the first in the trilogy – Book of Words by J.V.Jones entitled The Baker’s Boy.  I really enjoyed it and now need to get my hands on book number 2.  Let’s hope it rains again next weekend……  (Baker’s Boy… Cookies…?  Do you think there might be connection????)


5 thoughts on “A Lazy Sunday!!

  1. I had a very similar Saturday – except that I did not bake. I made nachos for lunch and paella for dinner. And read and napped in between – one of the advantages of your 3 yr old deciding to spend the night & day with your neighbour!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday. Mine was busy: I worked in my garden, clearing out some rubble, preparing more soil, watering my seedlings. It was a dark cloudy day, but never rained. Rain would have been nicer:-)

  3. Shayne – Mmmmm Nachos. Yum.

    DS – that is how I planned on spending my Sunday – but at least I know my garden benefited from the rain.

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