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A fun night out.

On Friday night Mr OL and I went on a cooking course at The Pastryworks

The theme was Vietnamese and Cambodian – YUMMY!!!  The way it worked was quite interesting.  The chef, Ralph (big German guy) did not do a demonstration, rather each couple was given one or two recipes depending on their complexity and you had to prepare the dish on the recipe.  If you required help or there were techniques on there that were not standard he would come around to you and show you. 

It worked pretty well as you then got to taste the food that everybody else had made and so tasted about 8 or 9 different dishes.  The food we made had a lot of coconut, fish sauce, oyster sauce and lemon grass; pretty much what I would have considered the flavours of Thailand.  I suppose most of the southern Asian cultures use similar ingredients. 

We had a great time, you can take your own wine or in my case Appletiser and it is a social evening. By the end you have made friends with everyone round the table. 

We will most definitely do that again.  Here is a link to The Pastryworks website.  They do all sorts of things, including corporate functions (guess what we are doing for our Christmas function this year…..)


5 thoughts on “A fun night out.

  1. The Christmas function plan sounds much better than one of those deals where all employees go to a fancy restaurant, sit down and stare at each other/try very hard to have fun. Endured too many of them and would have enjoyed DOING something!

  2. 6000 – uhmm…. NO!

    DS – The past couple of years we did that. This year we decided enough is enough. Luckily this won on votes – it was close though with a fancy resturant coming a close second.

  3. Hanlie – don’t blame him either. I probably also would not want to do that on my night off if I was in the industry. I was very suprised that one of the couples there ran a wedding venue and resturant. I thought they would not want to come to something they did. But they said they employed a chef, so this was something different for them.

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