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Weekend round up

I don’t really have very much to say at the moment. 

My In-laws came down for the weekend and bought us a cot for the baby, which was very nice of them.  It was also nice to see them as we don’t meet up that often – maybe twice a year.  Mr OL’s mom is so excited about becoming a granny it is very sweet.  We will have to make more of an effort once the baby is born to ensure that they see their grandchild more than they are seeing their son at present. 

I also did a bit of shopping for the baby but I realized I am way out of my depth!!  I have NO idea what these little creatures need.  Some serious research is going to need to be done before now and February.  I bought what I thought was important though – a baby monitor.  Other than that I have borrowed a few things but will only start buying anything much later. 

Also in a place where I felt totally out of my depth – I went to a spa on Friday.  Nice but not really my scene; I would rather go for a sports massage than a spa treatment.  It was ok though. 

I also finished the second book in the trilogy that I am reading.  I have decided that I am not enjoying it, not because it is badly written or anything like that, but once I start a book I need to finish it in a couple of days.  Fine if you only have one book to read but with this the story continues over the 3 books and I need some closure.  3 books is a long time for continous reading – so I have ½ of the final book left!  Let’s hope she actually finishes the story and does not leave me hanging.  I might just put me off fantasy books for life. 

The yesterday I also did a bit of gardening.  My peas that I planted have germinated so I planted the seedlings.  I also planted some spinach, lettuce, cauliflower (a first for me) and some peppers.  Let’s see what happens.  I don’t usually have much luck with peppers, but am going to plant them in a different part of the garden and see if that makes any difference. 

Ok, so from not much to say I got a bit carried away. 

Hope you all had a good a weekend as I did.


8 thoughts on “Weekend round up

  1. I was JUST telling my husband that last night… I have NO IDEA what a baby needs (we are going to start trying after IMCOZ… in a MONTH!). oh well, I guess that’s why you have 9 mo to figure it out all out 😉

  2. I think most people buy too much stuff for a baby anyway… and the wrong stuff at that!

    We just bought a house with a vegetable garden and I can’t wait to get stuck in there… Of course we’re only moving in Feb!

  3. Tricia – it is a totally new learning curve. Good luck with the rest of your training. Your plans were the same as mine. IM then start trying. I must admit that I did not expect it to happen quite so soon after though. The girl I did all my long rides with also had the same plan. Now instead of looking for tri bikes we are both looking for running prams…..

    Hanlie – that is so exciting!!! It will be nice to be back in a place of your own.

    Charisa – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a fantastic race. I was following for as long as I could stay awake and then as soon as I woke in the morning I checked your results. I was very excited for you.

    DS – my mom is NO help what so ever!!! She did offer to give me some knitting needles if I felt like knitting something. Uhmmmm – NO!

    Lynette – I am sure. I am normally ver good at researching stuff, but am putting it off for the moment.

  4. Baby City (or, I guess in PE’s case, Baby Village) have a good list for first time parents.
    As a rule of thumb, you can never have enough vests or towelling nappies. Fancy stuff like monitors pale into insignificance next to these two staple items.

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