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In just over 5 Weeks!

In just over 5 weeks my sister comes home – only for a week, but at least it is something. That also means that… 

In just over 5 weeks my brother is getting married.  The 2nd one of us siblings to take the leap! Yikes….  That also means that …

In just 5 weeks I need to have found something to wear to the wedding that suits my by then 27 week pregnant bump!!  Yikes….


4 thoughts on “In just over 5 Weeks!

  1. Oh man, celebration, I LOVE when my other sisters come for a visit, what memories… and my little sister is about to hit a wedding to with her preggo belly, I am sure you will look fantastic 🙂

  2. Melody – CT, now there is an idea!!!

    Lynette – They do have some lovely stuff. I don’t really want to buy anything just yet, it seems to be a case of “stand back, I don’t know how big this thing is going to get”

    Bree – Sisters are the best!!! I just wish she would come home, but purely for selfish reasons.

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