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Neighbourhood Watch

This morning our neighbour’s car was parked in my work parking lot.  The mother-in-law who lives with them was sitting in the car so I went over to say hello.  15 Minutes later (late for work) I was freaked out!!!  That woman knows everything about us. 

A few things that came up in the conversation. 

  • Our maid was there on a day that she is not normally this week…….. Have we got her to start coming more often?
  • Why were our lights not on the other night?  She knows I go out that night, but normally our lights are on.  Did I go somewhere different……
  • She noticed that we had people over on the weekend, were they Mr OL’s parents from East London?  She thought they must be as they stayed over – just the one night though. And they left quite early…
  • I am not exercising as much as I used, but I am still gardening.  She loves seeing me work in the garden.  I do it quite often….
  • Mr OL and I have been married for 2 years this August – 2 years is the perfect time to have been married and then to start a family…….  (crap she even knows the month!!!!)
  • When is my little boy due – ok that just freaked me right out because not even I know if I am having a boy or not…… 


There was some other stuff as well but I was freaking out a bit and I was late for work so stopped paying attention.

Oh yes, a whole lot of stuff about our cats.  Miss Molly and the other one….. and the fact that when Mr OL comes home from work he picks Miss Molly up and she will stay with him for a little while but then starts to want to get down. 

Talk about Neighbourhood!  Who needs a private security firm…..  It is actually good though.  When our pipes were stolen she was the one that phoned the police and us to let us know (how she knew were we worked still baffles us – although with the above evidence it should maybe not).

11 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Watch

  1. Yup, welcome to my world. That is what it is like living in a farming community.

    You can’t even pee without your neighbours knowing when and how long for.

    It does have it’s advantages tho.

  2. Eish. Thats just weird. But on the other hand good as well. Just don’t get all daring and go skinny dipping or run around the house naked. She may be watching.

  3. Ooh – you have a blog as well.
    How delightful.

    P.S. Your hubby’s snoring disturbed me last night. Is he back on the brandy again? Shame.

  4. Lynette – she stays with her son and daughter-in-law and thier two boys so I doubt she is that lonely. But I guess they are not there all the time.

    Shayne – at least I have been behaving relatively well since I moved into this house. Just glad she was not my neighbour a few years ago….

    Hanlie – at least we know she has our security firm on speed dial. When our copper pipes were stolen she was the one that phoned.

    FF – at least she can only see what goes on at the front of our house – the pool is at the back….

    YN (6000??) – He does not drink brandy! Told him it is instant grounds for divorce.

    Charisa – I am sure she is doing it with the best of intentions. If there was any malice I am sure she would not have let me know she knew all this stuff. Just a sweet old neighbour.

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