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I have been busy at work today playing with graphs!!!  Something I actually really enjoy doing.   But is does mean that I have been too busy to blog. 

Not that it matters, I did not get up to much over the weekend anyway. 

I went shopping (which I detest!!!!) and I went out for breakfast with a friend (which I really enjoyed). 

Other than being locked out of my house of Friday because the power was off (again) and our battery backup on our garage motor seems to have packed up, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. 

I do have a very happy husband though because Liverpool won against Manchester United last night.  So it is smiles all around.


5 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Hanlie – If Mr OL could have I am sure he would have. As it was he started beaming when I served him is morning tea in a Liverpool mug.

    Tricia – in February! I keep comparing everything to my IM training program. It was 20 weeks and seem to fly. I only have 17 weeks left till the baby and just know it is going to be here before I can even think about it.

    DS – thanks, same to you.

    Hayley – oh, shame. I would much rather be in my house this week.

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