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When did this happen?

This weekend flew by!!! 

It might be because now that I am not getting up with the sparrows at about 4 I actually have less weekend hours, who knows. 

But all in all it was pretty good.  On Friday night I just relaxed and watched TV.  Saturday I worked in the garden a bit then snoozed – we had a Halloween themed 40th on Saturday evening.  

On Sunday we went to visit friends who have recently moved to a small holding to see what they have done with the place and look at their veggie garden and then on to a garden show!!!  Crap we really must be getting old – when did I become the girl that looked at gardens for fun!!!!  There was a time when I would be too hung over on a Sunday to do anything never mind go and look at gardens, especially after a party on the Saturday night.  How times have changed – for the better I might add. 

On Sunday afternoon I made a slip cover for one of my chairs – I will post before and after pictures soon.  I want to put it in the baby’s room.  

Holy moly – this is getting really bad!  Gardening and sewing all in one weekend.  Somebody might think I was domesticated!!!

Mr OL and I  - scary aren't we???
Mr OL and I - scary aren't we?

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