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I’ve got worms!

And not the kind I like – worms have attacked my veggie garden.  The annoying thing is that I can’t actually find them so don’t know what exactly has eaten all my lettuce and peas.  All I know is that they are quite ferocious little critters!  Hmph, I was really looking forward to fresh peas later this summer.  I am going to have to plant again and take some drastic (organic) action.  I have a few ideas but will have to see how they pan out. 

I planted more seeds this weekend, so am hoping that once they germinate I will have discovered what is eating the rest and have gotten rid of them.  So far the only thing that is showing signs of sprouting though is the Chinese cabbage. 

Let’s hope the rest pull through. 

Other than that not much is going on.  Except that I went back to the restaurant Cubata – it was just as good as it was the first time and we have booked again for December (the first time they had a table available.  It is so weird that a place that looks so scaffy is so good and so popular. The ceiling is caving in, the tables and chairs are just wooden outside trellis style tables and there is no décor to talk about – but the food is EXCELLENT.  The service is slow but good and personal.  The owner is the only waiter and his wife and son do all the cooking.  It is unlicenced so you need to bring your own, which is actually quite nice and the prices are excellent (unless you over indulge on the prawns – although at R20 per prawn they are still worth it.  They are HUGE and delicious! 

Ok, so other than that, there is nothing much going in at the moment. 

Oh yes, and my sister is back for a week in 3 weeks time and I can’t wait!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “I’ve got worms!

  1. DS – I will let you know when I have found something that works, otherwise see Del’s site or the things I am going to try below. Hope they work.

    DelBoy – Thank you, I am going to give that recipe a go – thanks.

    I have also started spraying the diluted worm tea over the plants and it seems to be helping.

    One of the other things I have heard besides the egg shells is if you place one of those “goldilocks” dishscrubers (open it up) around the plant the slugs and things can’t climb over it.

    My husband has just dug up my herb garden to build a braai. I am going to have to try and replant some of them next to my veggies (which are just scattered through the rest of the garden.

    Good luck with your garden.

  2. Hanlie – I have recently bought a book called “Jane’s Delicious Garden” which I love. It is about organic gardening in SA. Here is a link to her site.

    It is such a nice book, the pictures are fantastic and her ideas seem very good. It is from her book that I read about the goldilocks ideas – among others.

  3. worms got our tomato plants last summer and i was so frustrated with them!!! I didn’t want to put chemicals on the plants, but how do you get rid of them?

    My grandma picks bugs off her raspberry plants and drops them into water.

  4. Lynette – thanks

    charisa – I am not sure. This morning I was picking of snails and thowing them over the wall onto the road. I hope they don’t manage to find their way back. Seems like a never ending battle. I have heard that beer traps work with snails and slugs. Now if I can just get Mr OL to give up some of his beer…….

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