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Papa don’t preach!

I went to another dress up party this weekend!! This time it was an 80’s theme but I did not take any photos. 

I went all Cindy Lauper’ish – looking more 80’s than I did in the 80’s when pretty much all I wore was jeans and a t-shirt (something have not changed that much). 

When we first walked in there were a group of about 10-15 people standing near the entrance and NONE of them were dressed up.  OH CRAP!! Here I am looking like a freak show and nobody has dressed.  Hmph!!!  Mr OL looked at me in horror and muttered some not very nice words.  I braved it and walked in to look for the host of the party to find out if I had missed out on some memo or something. 

Luckily as I walked further in there were more people dressed up.  PHEW!  Some people had really gone to town with their outfits and all in all it was a pretty good party.  They really should have moved the party-poopers away from the entrance though. Everyone I spoke to had the same stomach dropping sensation when they walked in and saw nobody dressed. 

I was thinking I should have dressed like Madonna in “Papa don’t Preach” because I am most definitely keeping this baby!!!


7 thoughts on “Papa don’t preach!

  1. I know what you mean! We totally went to town with our Halloween costumes and then only one other couple at the party had dressed up, even though the invitation clearly stated “fancy dress”. People are lame!

  2. Ohhhhh that feeling of arriving at a party all dressed up and then seeing nobody else is! glad when you got inside others dressed up 🙂 Pics next time! 🙂

  3. Hanlie – it is a pity when not everyone plays ball. Dress up can be lots of fun when everyone gets involved.

    Shayne – agreed!

    Lynette – I think we did. They all seemed to leave pretty early.

    Chairsa – Hopefully somebody sends me a few then I will post them. And it was a bit of a heart stopping moment.

    6000 – It was pretty far, we had to stop and as for directions Time after Time…

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