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Life’s a beach!!

I am off to the beach this afternoon – what a fantastic way to spend a Tuesday afternoon and considering it is “work” even better.

We are taking the kids from the children’s home for an outing to the rock pools.  It should be fun.  Well, sort of fun.  There is an organization called Jonginenge that teaches them about the rock pools and marine life so hopefully they enjoy it.  I am not sure how many of us from the office will actually be in the water with them. 

Here is my dilemma – 6 month pregnant tummy in a costume on the beach, looking very white surrounded by work colleagues that refuse to get in a costume at the best of times.  I might be the only adult that actually gets involved….. 

But then – it’s the BEACH!!!  And I love the beach!  Ok, I hate sand but I love the ocean and swimming and stuff!  So I might just say – stuff it and push the kids out the way and jump in the sea first!  Hmmm, maybe not jump, maybe more like a rather ungraceful entrance.  I did bring my goggles and flippers just incase… 

I will let you know tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Life’s a beach!!

  1. I wish I could slip away to the beach for some work. By now it would have happened so I hope you will tell us how it went.
    I agree with Shayne. Preggie tummies are sexy.

  2. Lynette – it was lovely, the wind did pick up a bit towards the end though.

    Hanlie – I did, and I did. It was great fun.

    Shayne – it was thankfully a bit to chilly to strip down so t-shirt and shorts were the order of the day.

    6000 – it has not hit yet. Today is even hotter than yesterday.

    FF – I wish we could do that more often. Spending time on the beach whilst during working hours is lots of fun.

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