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Rock Pools and Penguins

We started with a talk at the SAMREC Centre to learn about about penguins and see a few that have been rescued and then headed down to the beach and rock pools. 

The day ended with games on the beach.  Luckily the weather held for most of it, but turned a bit chilly and windy towards the end.

Here are some photos  – none of me as I was the one holding the camera.

At the SAMREC Centre learning about penguins


Some of the rescue Penguins and Volunteers
Sea Urchins.
Sea Urchins
Cape Recife Lighthouse
Cape Recife Nature Reserve

9 thoughts on “Rock Pools and Penguins

  1. Looks like a fun day. SAMREC is doing an awesome job, not just with their marine bird rehabilitation, but also with their educational programs.
    I think we are all still waiting for that preggies in cozzy picture *wink*

  2. Shayne – yes, they really seemed to enjoy it.
    Lynette – I hope we are able to make a difference, no matter how slight.

    6000 – yes, well uhmmmm

    FF – about that….. NOT!

    Jennifer – yes, at first she did not want to hold the sea urchin but once she did she just wanted to pick up everything. So cute.

  3. Hanlie – they did. They seemed a little skeptical at first but warmed up to it very quickly.

    Tricia – unfortunately penguins don’t live in the the northern hemisphere….. so sorry you can’t have one.

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