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So I am surprised!

I know I don’t write much about being pregnant (except that I am) so thought it is about time. 

Truthfully I was dreading the thought of being pregnant.  It was not something I have ever wanted to do.  I know there are woman that dream of the day when they find out they are pregnant – I was not one of those girls.  The whole idea scared the crap out of me and the thought of something growing inside me like an alien was not an appealing.  I avoided pregnant woman and thought they looked uncomfortable and freakish.  I thought they must be embarrassed to look like that.  I mean first of all the only way to get in that state was to have had “gasp” SEX!!! and now the whole word knew that you “did it”.  Secondly you were well, pregnant!  I had decided very early on that if I was going to have children they were all going to be adopted (I think I first mentioned this to my mom when I was about 5).  There was no way I was going to risk loosing my boobs or my stretch-mark-free tummy.  I had seen what it (I) did to my mother! 

Then I met Mr OL – he really wanted kids and before we got married he said to me that I needed to decide.  Either we were having kids or we did not get married.  Well, by that stage I was 35 and it is true about that damn clock!  I began to worry that maybe I would actually be missing out on something.  Maybe having kids of my own might not be the worst thing in the world that happened to me (I just ignored the fact that I would actually need to be pregnant to get them) and I agreed. 

After getting married I could only put off the inevitable for so long.  Time was clashing by and I think Mr OL was beginning to think I might have changed my mind.  We had said we would wait a year but it was approaching two years…… 

I completed Ironman South Africa in April and decided then I would make a concerted effort.  I would watch the dates and visit my doctor for a check up just to make sure that there was nothing wrong – had been off birth control since our first wedding anniversary 9 months before so you never know.  As it turned out I never managed to get to go for those tests as we found out I was pregnant on the 16 June. 

So how did I feel?  Excited and nervous; I was pregnant for goodness sake?  Not a state I have thought I would ever want to be in.  I also knew that although Mr OL wanted children he felt the same about pregnant woman and their “appeal” as I did.  I was very worried that the next nine months were going to be terrible. 

So how do I feel now 6 months down the line???  I would have to say my biggest feeling would be surprise!  I am surprised at how much I am enjoying being pregnant.  Yes, I said ENJOYING being pregnant.  I have not had a single thought of “aliens” and I know I have been lucky so far in that it has been an easy pregnancy.  I was nauseous from weeks 7 – 14 and I have had a few migraines and bad headaches but nothing to serious.  I have had to go to the chiropractor twice because of server pains in by back and butt, but generally everything is fine.  I have not had heartburn (yet), I have not had much trouble sleeping, I don’t feel too uncomfortable most of the time or that this is dragging. Can you believe that I am about to enter my 3rd trimester and that I only have 3 months left.  I have kept swimming and about 1.5km 3 times a week and have also started yoga for pregnant woman so am at least keeping active.  Everyone keeps asking how the pregnancy is going and all I can say is fine.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It is going fine.  I have no complaints. 

And my body constantly amazes me.  I know I said this when I was training for IM but this is a different kind of amazement.  When you train you see the result of the work you put in.  You can go faster, go longer, see the change in shape but it is all a result of work you have done.  Now my body is changing shape and I am just a bystander.  It is doing it all by itself.  Who know that my body knew how to do all this…?  Pregnancy no longer freaks me out.  I am enjoying seeing the changes, feeling the kicks and knowing that a little person is growing inside. 

Who knows, I might even post a belly picture soon…..

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