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Getting there!

This weekend I was pretty busy getting the baby’s room ready. 

A few weekends ago I made a slip cover for one of our chairs (that I got given in about 2004 and intended to cover then).  I finally took some photos of it and moved it into the nursery. 

I also bought a compactum and have decided that I am the Queen of Flat-packs!  I put it together while Mr OL was at the soccer.  I just need his help to hang the door as I could not hold it and put the screws in at the same time.  As soon as we have completed that I will post a picture. 

I also found a fantastic little box thing for the stuff that goes next to the changing mat.  I could not believe how fantastically well the colours went – so I closed my eyes and handed over my credit card….. Yip it was EXPENSIVE!  But for now I am saying so worth it! 

Here are some pics.  First before and after of the chair and then the little box thing.  I am still waiting for Mr OL to organize the skirting boards.  So picture the room with white skirtings.  I am sure it will look much better.



Chair, in place.


A perfect match?

13 thoughts on “Getting there!

  1. Seriously, you will have to submit this to a magazine… it is perfect and so adorable! The chair looks great! The whole room is really coming together… can’t wait to see more pics!

    Oh, and what is a compactum? Is that another one of those crazy SA secrets you’re keeping from us in the States? : )

  2. Jennifer – Thanks so much.

    You have them too, just under a different name. I think they are a combination of a dresser/chest of drawers and a changing table. My room is quite small, so I am just getting the one thing.

  3. Hanlie – thank you. I think I am surprising even myself with this room.

    Shayne – thanks and Mr OL can’t believe it either. He was VERY skeptical about me painting them so dark.

  4. Tricia – thanks
    Lynette – sure!
    Rachel – thank you.
    6000 – where would I be without my parenting advice….. they are a nice durable fabric (bull denim) and are slip covers so can be easily and regularly washed!!

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