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Taking the easy way out

Today I am taking the easy way out.  I saw this on Jeanette’s blog and thought it a good idea. 

Here is a list of 50 things you should be able to do.  It is not comprehensive but – just for fun.  

I have highlighted the ones that I can do in bold.  

1. Build a Fire
2. Operate a Computer
3. Use Google Effectively
4. Perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver
5. Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle
6. Do Basic Cooking
7. Tell a Story that Captivates People’s Attention
8. Win or Avoid a Fistfight – I would like to think I could avoid one, seeing as I have never actually been in one.
9. Deliver Bad News.  This I suck at.
10. Change a Tyre
11. Handle a Job Interview (Iooks like I might be needing these skills sooner rather than later – SUCKS!!!!!)

12. Manage Time
13. Speed Read
14. Remember Names.  Uhmmmm, this I also suck at!
15. Relocate Living Spaces
16. Travel Light
17. Handle the Police – I suppose I can, I have only ever had one dealing with them and that ended pretty well.  They let us off with a warning and then stayed for a cup of tea…..(it was in England, tea is always served)
18. Give Driving Directions
19. Perform Basic First Aid
20. Swim – I learned to do this when I was 9 months old when crawled out of my depth in a baby pool  I have been a water baby ever since.
21. Parallel Park
22. Recognize Personal Alcohol Limits – uhhhh, this I have a slight problem with.  I seem to be an all or nothing girl.  Luckily in the past couple of years it has been more nothing than all.
23. Select Good Produce

24. Handle a Hammer, Axe or Handsaw
25. Make a Simple Budget

26. Speak at Least Two Common Languages
27. Do Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Properly – in theory I know how they should be done.  In reality I just can’t do them!
28. Give a Compliment
29. Negotiate
30. Listen Carefully to Others
31. Recite Basic Geography
32. Paint a Room
33. Make a Short, Informative Public Speech – I HATE talking in public unless it is spontaneous.  If I actually have to prepare and think about it I get nervous.  34. 34. Smile for the Camera
35. Flirt without Looking Ridiculous – I am a bit out of practice and even when I did flirt regularly it was usually alcohol fuelled so I probably did look ridiculous….
36. Take Useful Notes
37. Be a Respectful House Guest
38. Make a Good First Impression
39. Navigate with a Map and Compass
40. Sew a Button onto Clothing
41. Hook up a Basic Home Theater System
42. Type
43. Protect Personal Identity Information
44. Implement Basic Computer Security Best Practices
45. Detect a Lie
46. End a Date Politely Without Making Promises

47. Remove a Stain
48. Keep a Clean House
49. Hold a Baby (going to have to learn pretty rapidly)
50. Jump Start a Car


40 out of 50……  I thought it might be a bit better than that as I like to think I am rather practical.


4 thoughts on “Taking the easy way out

  1. “Tea is always served”? *sigh* Reinforce the stereotype, why don’t you?

    24 is interesting. “Handle a Hammer, Axe or Handsaw”

    I would use those implements for very different things. For example – a handsaw would be of very limited use for banging in nails. But it seems that to qualify, you only need to be able to use one of them. Easy way out. As you so rightly put it.

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