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Spoke to soon???

Trust me to jinx myself by saying that I am having an easy pregnancy and enjoying it!!! 

The past few days have not been fun but at least nothing serious, just rather unpleasant. 

I woke up on Saturday morning at 3am with a pounding headache.  I was worried that perhaps I was just a bit dehydrated so drank lots of water.  After throwing up the first couple of Panado I managed to keep some down.  My problem was that it was my future Sister-in-law’s Kitchen Tea that afternoon and I had not even bought her a gift yet.  To bad – I stayed in bed, set my alarm and hoped for the best.  Eventually my mom phoned me.  I slept straight through the alarm and everything.  I asked my mom to buy me a gift on her way to pick me up. 

I am glad I made it, but it was straight back to bed with me afterwards.  I basically stayed there till Monday morning!  The one good thing is that I never noticed how hot the weekend was.  Here is a picture of my future sister in law and myself.  Unfortunately I am not facing side ways so still no bump! Believe me it is there, although in this photo you would not really say so.  Is my future sister-in-law not beautiful!!! 

Sisters in Law


I am still not feeling great – I did go and get my blood pressure tested and it is still low, so that is good.  If I don’t feel any better by tomorrow I am going to go to the doctor. 

In even more disappointing news, my sister’s flat mate seems to have had Swine Flu, so now we are waiting to see if my sister has it.  Obviously that will determine whether or not I get to see her on Friday!!  I have been so excited about seeing her and now this! SUCKS!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Spoke to soon???

  1. You look great.

    You may just be a little deficient in iron – that’s why you have the headache and are feeling a little miz. Get it tested and if necessary get some iron tabs. Also the heat doesn’t help.

    And continue to drink lots of water.

    Hope your get to see your sister!

  2. Glad to hear your sister doesn’t have the swine flu and you get to see her. Love the pic of you!! Can’t wait to see one with your new ‘do! You look radiant… even with being sick! Hope all are healthy in your world soon!

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