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Just general

I have been a really bad blogger lately!  So here are just a few things that are going on.  You have my permission to skip reading this post and it is BORING! 

  • My sister has arrived in Johannesburg and is showing no symptoms of Swine Flu.  She passed the “heat” test at the airport so hopefully she does not have it.  Her doctor said that if she was not showing symptoms by Friday (today) then she was in the clear.  YAY!!! This means I will go to the airport to see her after all.  She lands in PE at 12:00. 
  • I have the afternoon off!
  • I took some side on pictures, but then the battery died on my camera so I could not load them to my computer – NEXT WEEK I PROMISE.
  • I chopped of my hair – well not all of it and not me.  So maybe I had best rephrase that.  I went to the hairdresser and had a hair cut.  I had just gotten it long again from the last time I had it all chopped off and then went and did it again……  I am quite happy with it.  I guess I might have to take updated photos so you can see it.  I think it will be better for summer – much cooler.
  • My brother is getting married on Sunday!!!!! 
  • Mr OL is sick in bed and has been there for 2 days.  At least he got sick before my sister arrived so I am not stressing that he has picked up Swine Flu!  He had best not give what ever he has to me!
  • I am 27 now weeks pregnant – time is flying! 

I guess that is about it!! Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Just general

  1. Poorold Mr OL. Hope he hasn’t got swine flu either. (You don’t just get it overseas, you know?)

    Hope the wedding was good and that you got some new batteries in time.

  2. Shayne – it was great thanks. As soon as I have some I will post them.

    Hanlie – thank you.

    6000 – really???? Drat! Now I have something else to worry about 🙂

    I used my other camera, so no problems with batteries.

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