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So yesterday’s trip to the airport was a bit of a dress rehearsal; we have to do it again today! 

And here we thought the tears would be because she would be upset that she was leaving.  It turns out they were because she could not leave!! 

The weather yesterday was bad – it was too misty for the planes to land and therefore there were no planes to take off again!!!  Nothing like being in an airport for 5 hours with no idea of what is going on and then stressing because you have an international flight to catch.  The airlines were also not being that helpful in the stress situation as they told her that because her international flight was not with the same airline they were not liable and she would need to buy a whole new ticket!  The weather was considered an “Act of God” and therefore not their responsibility. 

The staff at the airport were however very helpful! They tried there best to get her on a plane as at one stage it looked like there was a different flight that might fly.  They managed to get her a seat on it – if it took off!  It didn’t though! 

So it is good to have her here for another day, even if I don’t get to see much of her.  It is our work’s Christmas function this afternoon and I have to go – although I am going to try and sneak out early.  Considering however that it was my suggestion of thing to do that might be a bit rude.


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