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Nearly done!

5 more work days left of this year!!!  I can’t believe it.  In fact I think that I might be in denial about the whole Christmas thing this year.  I have not even started shopping yet or even thought about what I am going to get anyone. 

Even more importantly I have not even thought about what I would like.  Well, what I would like that is reasonable to expect!! 

So what you would you like for Christmas that is reasonable to expect Santa to bring you? 

On my unreasonable list would be a new car (although I might settle for having the aircon fixed on the one I have).


8 thoughts on “Nearly done!

  1. what i’d like – lots of seedlings for my new garden. dresses in bright happy colours. For years I wore mostly black/brown pants and I”m ( cos they suit me and are convenient) and now I want something a bit more fun. A blackberry phone would be great too. I’m probably going to get loads of DVDs and books though ( aren’t they the modern replacement for socks from family and friends who’re not quite sure what to get you?)

  2. It is at times like this that I wish I worked for a boss:) Then I could also get holidays.

    My treadmill decided that it has taken enough punishment from me…so that would be a reasonable wish…what do you think?

  3. DS – things for my garden are also on my reasonable request list. I would like unusual garden ornaments or things to “hide” in my garden. Even pavers would be good.

    Lynette – very reasonable. I am thinking of putting a new indoor trainer for my bicycle on my list. Although if I dont’ get it I will buy it for myself anyway. I think it might solve some of my problems about going out to ride. This way I could ride when teh baby is asleep. The one I have at the moment though is far to noisy and unstable (I dislike it intensly)

    Charisa – I never used to like it but am beginning to come round.

    Nicole – Thank you, I can’t wait! Then I am back at work for about 6 weeks and off on maternity leave for 4 months….. NICE!

  4. I was expecting Santa to bring my an iPod, and we bought it months ago, but it turns out Santa’s helper, who was going to bring it, will only be coming in May now…

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