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I need 199 points!!!!

I have decided that Discovery Vitality must be the best marketing tool ever! 

They have got me hook, line and sinker.  I have been a member of Discovery for a number of years and a few years ago I got their credit card. What a sucker!!!  Little did I know at the time I would now never be able to change Medical Aids!  Ok, put that more in terms of I would never WANT to change my Medical Aid. 

After Mr OL and I got married I had the option of moving over to his Medical Aid.  I refused!  Not because I did not like the plan he was on –nope, he is on exactly the same plan as I am but because I have so much stuff linked to my Vitality and I am a GOLD member.  That means CASH back, woop, woop!!! I am so gullible.  Also my gym membership is linked to it, and if I moved over to his it would be cancelled. 

I managed to convince him to move over to mine as a dependant.  However, he is not enthusiastic about getting points as I am.  He has done NOTHING this year to keep us on Gold, and it is not easy getting there yourself. They double the number of points necessary for a family as opposed to one person.  I sat him down and explained it in terms of Rands and Cents and what we could save over the next year!  He still thinks there must be a catch somewhere. Finally after lots and lots of convincing he did something about it. But it is still not enough.  I am just hoping that in the next 13 days I somehow manage to get those extra 199 points necessary.  I have 89 801 already this year and need to get to 90 000! 

Please excuse me while I go buy Healthy Foods at Pick n’ Pay and try and get a few extra points that way…. 

If I manage to get those extra points it will mean that I am on Diamond status next year.  In purely practical terms that means I get 20% off any nappies I buy at Toy’s r Us!  See where I think I will be spending my money next year! If we drop down to Silver I will only get 10% off!  That would suck!!!!

So – best marketing tool ever in terms of customer retention!  I am impressed, even if I am the sucker that falls for it.


5 thoughts on “I need 199 points!!!!

  1. Shayne – yip. I get rather stressed just thinking about having to change, like if I change jobs or something. Luckily so far it has not happened and I have manged to keep it going.

    6000 – I will try to remember that – don’t sniff the nappies!

    Lynette – I will mail you. I really meant to come round this year, but time just seems to have run away!

    Hanlie – DON’T do it, that’s how it starts and then it is a very slippery slop. You will be hooked too…..

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