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Awesome weekend planned!

I am very excited for this weekend. 

I have made plans to meet up with a friend that I have not seen since 1999.  

We first met in 1993 whilst working at the same place in Cape Town.  In 1994 we briefly shared a flat until I decided to go travelling and moved to London.  In 1997 she also decided to move to London and we once again briefly shared a flat.  I left (notice a trend) later that same year to go travelling.  

She still lives in the UK and besides a brief visit to Scotland in 1999 when we met up I have not seen her since. 

She is in South Africa visiting family in the Garden Route at the moment and we have decided to try and meet half way – PLETTENBERG BAY.  I can’t wait.  We are just going to go through for the day tomorrow but it should be awesome.  

Not only am I going to meet up with her but I also get to see one of my favourite places on earth!  I love the Garden Route and she and I used to spend a lot of time there.  It will be like old times – except that we are both 16 years older, married, she has a 6month old baby and I am 9 months pregnant. As I said – just like old times.

Reasons why I love PLETT! (photos taken when we did the Robberg Hike in Novemeber 2008)

Robberg in Plett November 2008
Robberg - Plettenberg Bay.
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Full term!

I am 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered full term.  Yikes, that basically means the baby can now come any time it likes, even though my estimated due date is in 3 weeks today. 

I suppose what has brought this more to a reality that I could actually have a baby very soon is that one of my friends that is was due at about the same time as me had her baby yesterday. 

Today at work I have been running around and delivering everything that needs to be delivered – just in case.  I think everything is now up to date, my clients have all been informed that I might go off very soon and who to contact should they require anything for the next 4 MONTHS!!!  

I guess the next important thing for me to do is to finish packing my hospital bag.  I can’t believe it is nearly time.  But then again – it could be late to, so I might actually have to wait anything up to 5 weeks, unpredictable little blighters!!! 

I guess all I can say is watch this space.

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Pregnant and porky!

If I carry on eating like I have today I am going to pick up more weight in the last 3 weeks than I did this whole pregnancy. 

It was a couple of my colleagues birthdays over the past few days and they each brought something in today.  YUM – cheesecake, muffins, croissants…….  That on top of my actual lunch!  I feel like a totally stuffed piglet today!

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Me, obsessed? Never!

Mr OL thinks I get a bit obsessive about some things – like Ironman training or what ever it is that I have going on at that moment.  Although I was a bit upset when he said it, I realised that he is quite right. 

I get all passionate about “it” (whatever “it” may be), I obsess about “it” for a while, Google and research as much as I can about “it” – then finish, complete or do “it”, once it is over I hit a bit of a depression until I find the next “it”.  

This is not good – especially not for career choices.  It means that I have yet to find what it is that I enjoy doing and will continue to enjoy doing in the future.  How it is good though is that it means I have a broad range of interests and know quite a bit about quite a few subjects.  What is that saying “Jack (Jill) of all trades, Master of none” I think that describes me pretty well.  I can do lots of stuff reasonably well, but am not exceptionally talented in any.  Once I have figured out how to do it I will move on to the next thing.  Some things do endure though.  I have done TWO Ironman races and I have painted for over 10 years and I have been blogging for over 3 years.  

However – I do have a latest (passing) obsession – quilting!!! Go figure?? I can’t stop Googling it, looking at material and researching different styles and stuff.  I blame that b#@%@#% playmate.  I really enjoyed making it, but realised that as far as quilts go it was not quite up to standard or done in the correct way.  Hmmmm, I am NOT going to start quilting –NOT, NOT, NOT!!!! 

I will also give you a heads up to what my next obsession is going to be, unless of course ALL my priorities change once the baby is born.  It is going to be run training!  I need a goal, something to get me out of bed, onto the road and back into shape, and yes something to obsesses about and to research.  I need a training program!!! So, me being me I have figured it out.  I want to do the Comrades Ultra Marathon in 2011!  I have thought about it A LOT, it is something I have always wanted to do and would have done this year if I had not fallen pregnant.  I have discussed it with Mr OL (he is hoping once the baby is born I will change my mind but is ok with it if I don’t) and have uhmmm, researched it.  Unfortunately it is an “up” run that year but I don’t want to wait till 2012 (baby #2 might get in the way). 

So, over the next year and a bit please be prepared to be bored with this blog focusing on 2 main topics – the first being Baby OL and the second being running.  In preparation I have bought a running stroller…..  I could not get the one I wanted DRAT!  They don’t sell BOB strollers in South Africa – they would not even ship me one!!!  In fact they would not even ship one to my sister in the UK.  So I have had to make do with a local stroller.  Not what I wanted but the only reasonable one I could get, it does say on the website not for professional jogging though?  Not really sure what that means – but do you think training for the Comrades would be classed as “professional jogging”????  

Don’t say I did not warn you!

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Art classes!! Woo hoo.

My art classes start again today and I am very excited.  I think I am being rather optimistic taking in a painting I want to finish as I doubt we will actually pick up a paint brush.  The last class we had was in August so there will be lots of catching up to do and wine to be drunk – unfortunately I will have to give that part a skip.  But it will be fun to catch up with the girls.  Our classes are always more social than anything else. 

I probably will only be able to make the next 3 or 4 before this baby comes so maybe it is best that I do actually try and do some paintings.  I have 3 paintings for the nursery that I would like to finish before the baby actually gets here.  Maybe I’ll start them next week…..

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Anybody know a good Daycare?


My day did not start of very well.  I have 1 month exactly left till my estimated due date and I thought I had everything pretty much organized and then…… 

My maid arrived this morning and told me she needs to tell me something.  Yikes, ok?  She is pregnant too.  “Woo, congratulations that is fantastic!”  Well, that is what I said, that is not what I was thinking.  I was thinking – “What the hell happened, you told me you were done with having kids!!!!” 

Our plan had been that she would go from working 2 days a week to working full time and she would look after Baby OL while I was at work.  She has been with us for a number of years, is very reliable and excellent with children and babies. We had discussed her doing a Child Care and First Aid/CPR course while I was on Maternity Leave so that when she started full time at the beginning of June she would at least know CPR and the basics like that. Well, her baby is now due in July and she no longer (obviously) wants to work full time. Also she would be off for a couple of months just when I needed somebody. 

This really throws a spanner in the works.  I don’t really want to employ somebody that I don’t know to be a nanny and I also would have preferred not to send Baby OL to Daycare.  Looks like I am not going to have an option any longer and Daycare it will be! This sucks!!! Not only have I now left it very late and the good Daycares are fully booked but it is not what I wanted. 

I know – flexibility as a parent but still.  URGH!!!!!

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The finished product

Here are some photos of the padded playmat I made.  I am very impressed with my little self and love how it came out. Although I am sure that proper quilters or seamstresses would be hanging themselves with the cord of thier sewing machine if they took a closer look!

The finished playmat
The inspection
The approval

Bacardi seems to think I made it for him…..

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My living Will



Last night, my husband and I were sitting in the living room, and I said to him, ‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.’

He got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine.

I received this via email this morning and could not help but laugh!

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In real life!

It is funny how you can get excited about meeting somebody in real life that you have never met before besides on the internet!  But all I can say is I am very excited!!!  Bree Wee, who lives in Hawaii, who I admire greatly and whose blog I have followed for quite a while, has said she is planning on coming to Port Elizabeth to do Ironman South Africa in April this year.  Woo Hoo!!! 

So April should be an exciting month.  Not only is my sister coming back for a few weeks (also to do IM), which in itself is enough to send me bouncing of the walls, but I get to meet and support Bree in real life and not just track her over the internet or watch her on TV.  Very, very exciting. 

Of course the other person that I will be meeting soon for the first time is Baby OL – I am officially 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days to go (although I know the chances of it arriving on its due date are slim.