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What frustration!

I had to renew my driver’s license today!!  I spent 4 hours queuing, not exactly my idea of fun. 

I got there early, before they opened and queued outside (I obviously was not the only person with that bright idea), then inside in the first queue and then to get to the cashiers desk. The people I dealt with were very efficient, I suppose they get lots of practice – you would think they would have more people working. They had 4 stations or desks to help people and only 1 person manning them!!!! 

URGH!!  So on my second day of work for this year I missed ½ of it.  Not really a good start.


7 thoughts on “What frustration!

  1. Lynette – I have heard the trick (obviously only now that I been through the whole exercise….) is to go just before closing. They lock the doors at 3pm and don’t let anyone else in. They then rush through everybody that is inside so they can go home. Openning all the desks up to help.

    Hanlie – relief! I suppose once every 5 years is not too bad.

    Charisa – yip, in a NON airconditioned building in the heat of our summer! Not fun at all.

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