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A bit of a moan!

Today is the first day that I am feeling very uncomfortable!!!  I mean, I have had a pain in my butt before from a pinched nerve, which thankfully has sorted itself out, I have had migraine headaches and pulled a muscle in my back, all rather unpleasant but today I just feel HUGE!  And uncomfortable and irritable and my feet are sore. 

Ok, so that is moan for the day!  It is funny because yesterday I was feeling great, I was thinking I was still looking quite small and although my feet were swollen from standing at the Traffic Department I was ok.  

It might be psychological.  I went to yoga last night and the instructor there said to me I was looking big and was bigger than the other girls that were due NOW.  Humph!!!  Not that I expected to stay small if how my mom carried me was anything to go by but still. 

I suppose the fact that it is about 33ºC today is also not helping so I can’t wait to get to the gym tonight and jump in the pool!!!  I have been thinking about it all day!  

Only about 6 weeks left…….


8 thoughts on “A bit of a moan!

  1. In 33 degree weather you can moan as much as you want… It was 37 here yesterday, and I was having a regular moanfest. Remember, I’m bigger and more uncomfortable than you…

    Min dae, Pamela!

  2. Ah – it only gets worse from here on it.
    Hot February weather, bladder volume of a pygmy shrew, rolling over in bed taking 13 minutes and 25 seconds each way.

    It’s all worth it though.

  3. you’ve not long left altho you’ll feel like that time will take forever.

    bear in mind the heat which has a huge impact on your water retention which in turn makes you feel a hundred times bigger than you actually are.

    chin up skat!

    when do you go on maternity leave?

  4. Hanlie – urgh 37!!! That really sucks.

    6000 – hopefully Mr OL sorts our pool out before the end of this month.
    He is already laughing at the way I roll of the couch. Yip, and a pygmie shrew probaby has a bigger bladder than I do at the moment.

    Shayne – I am going to try and work for as long as possible. At this stage I will be working up until about the 12 Feb. Will hve to see how it goes though. At least my air-con in my office has been fixed so it might be more pleasant to be at work than at home.

  5. Ja jong – some days are *big* days and then other days you feel as light as tinkerbell…..but it surely doesnt bloody help when someone tells you look big. Shite, diplomacy is clearly not the instructors strong suit.

  6. Lynette – wow, I think that is hotter than the heated pool at the gym. Mr OL has promised me that our pool will be fixed by next week i.e. not bright green. I think if I swim in it at the moment the baby would come out with 3 heads. Mr OL said 3 frog heads!

    Melody – nope, I thought I took it pretty well until the next day.

    Lisa – skinny little b$%$#$!!! Actually most of the time she is really nice. Just has pretty young and has never been PG.

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