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Am I evil?

Mr OL has decided I am an evil mother. 

Miss Molly (my cat) has figured out how to get into our house roof if the garage door is open.  Unfortunately she can’t get out again if the door is closed.  This morning as Mr OL was leaving for work she jumped in.  He could not get her out before he left for work so asked me to try.  I could not get her to come down either.  I tried to tempt her with biltong (her favourite), cat food and just calling but NO – so I left here there.  I am sure that one day in our roof will not hurt her???  It was either that or be very late for work.  At least I know when I get home I will not have mice or lizards or anything else in our roof (not that I think we do) as she is a very good little hunter. 

So what do you think evil mother or not?? 

Miss Molly

9 thoughts on “Am I evil?

  1. Not at all. Our pixie climbs into the roof all the time and yowls and yowls for us to fetch her. But we don’t and she’s worked out that she can actually get out the same way she got in.

    cats are very clever manipulators!

  2. Shayne – unfortunately she can’t get down the way she went in, unless we leave the garage open with the cars in it. She jumps on the car roof, onto the open garage door and into the eaves. Not sure how she figured it out but one day I could hear her in the roof. She can’t get out till we get home and open the garage door again.

    Maybe she will learn not to go up there unless she wants to spend all day in the dark roof.

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