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Always on the go…

If this child is ½ as active outside as it is in we are going to be in for a rough time.  Mr OL thinks it must take after me, never stops moving! 

My Doc joked and said it must be a girl as its mouth was constantly opening and closing in the last scan, like it was talking non stop…. Humph!  Not sure where it gets that from as both Mr OL and I are relatively quiet.  Maybe it was practicing eating – that would be more likely, we both love our food.

Today it is wriggling and squirming around quite a bit, normally it is quieter during the day but not today.  Must not like being back at work….. Don’t blame it one little bit.  Either that or it is still on a sugar high from all the ice-cream I ate last night…..  Oops.


11 thoughts on “Always on the go…

  1. My kids were sooo active! With my first, even the midwife thought I was having an octopus, as all she could feel was limbs moving when she palpated my belly!
    With my second ( my infamous daughter who DOES.NOT.KEEP.STILL. – still) – I thought I was having a litter of puppies! x

  2. 6000 – nope, no weird cravings for me.

    Shayne – just when everyone says movement might be slowing down, mine does the opposite! Typical, must be a child of mine…. Yip, my Doc said lots of movement is a sign that it is happy in there. Lets just hope it does not stay into for longer than is necessary.

    Kirsty – It is a very wierd feeling, and to see my tummy moving. Odd. Yesterday I swear it had hiccups (again). This rythmic beating, unless it alread has more musical abilities than I do and can actually keep a beat….

  3. I LOVE these baby stories soooooo much, you are living such a good life for this little baby as they grow in the belly, what a fantastic mom you will be…. I can heardly wait till you post photos once they POP out, ha ha ha!! HEY, are you doing IM South Africa, dumb question, but maybe you will be near there…….. I think thats near you right???

  4. Kathleen – I think it might just be active, I tried cutting down on the sugar but still got kicked around. Loving it though.

    Bree – I won’t be doing it, but I will watching and supporting! Are you going to come and do it this year. I HOPE so I would love to meet you and support in person, not just online. It is held in my home town.

    Tricai – thanks

    Jennifer – I am feeling the same way. Although I am thinking maybe swimmer it sure is kicking its way around in there.

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