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Quilting is not for sissies!

I got this bright idea into my head to make a play-mat for the Baby OL.  We have tiled floors and I thought a padded play-mat might be quite practical.  Why the heck I did not just go and buy one is quite beyond me, instead I decided I would make one.

Not only would I make one I would do it in a quilting type of style.  What the hell was I thinking?  I spent most of Saturday in the material shop and then ALL of yesterday sewing. And I am still not finished!!!!

I am sure it gets easier once you know what you are actually doing, and have a plan and measure things before you cut them and have at least tried this on a smaller scale before you decide that 1.5meters by 1.5 meters is a good size but still. 

That said the top is about 90% done and if I do say so myself is coming along FANTASTICALLY, as soon as it is finished I will post a picture.  I still need to figure out how to put the whole thing together…. If I ever get it into my head to try something like this again, please talk me out of it.  

The duvet cover and cot bumper don’t count; that is just plain straight sewing (I hope).  I start on them next weekend –  I figured they should be easy compared to this….

10 thoughts on “Quilting is not for sissies!

  1. You’re one brave lady – i made a quilt for a friend’s first baby and it was a real challenge.

    I learn’t my lesson and have subsequently bought quilts/blankies as gifts.

    The bumper can be a bit tricky (getting the padding to lie flat and to get it straight in the corners) but the duvet cover etc should be a breeze!

    Looking forward to seeing your acheivements!

  2. Good grief women! Have you had a frontal lobotomy? ;0)
    They sell those things in the shops you know… ready made and everything….
    Well, thats my take anyway! Me and a sewing machine? We do NOT see eye to eye x

  3. Lisa – Hopefully it has better tips than the one that you are reading now. Although at least this one provides some entertainment.

    Lynette – yip, although next time I am BUYING one.

    Kirsty – I know – what the #@$%# was I thinking!

  4. Sweetie, I know I joke a lot about PE and stuff, but seriously, if you need stuff buying and sending from the City, we can work out an arrangement.
    We have shops that sell quilts and that sort of thing.
    I know, I know, it sounds almost too fantastic to be true, but in future, you don’t need to go through all this hassle and expense – send me a shopping list and I’ll post the stuff to you.

    There is a village post office, right?

  5. 6000 – thank you, thank you, thank you. The parcel might be a bit too big for me to carry, so I will probably need to hitch the cart to the donkey to get it from the post office.

    Hanlie – I agree, when you are able to make something yourself it is always special. Especially if it works out. I hope this does.

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