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Crafty little me!

While on the subject of making things oneself I thought I would share what I made my sister-in-laws for Christmas.  

Last year one of the girls at work received one similar from a friend and I thought it looked fantastic – this year I blatantly stole that idea.  

Here are photos of the one I made for myself.  I customized each one, with the months that were relevant, so for things like birthday’s and anniversaries etc. 

What do you think?

January - New Year Celebrations
February - Valentine's Day
March - Autumn
April - Happy Birthday to me.
May - ?
June - Soccer World Cup
July - Winter
August - Happy Anniversary to the OL's
September - Spring
October - Halloween
November - Summer
December - Merry Christmas
The full calendar


This is what happens when I am not training for Ironman – too much time on my hands!


7 thoughts on “Crafty little me!

  1. Delboy – Thank you. With the time it took me to make this I don’t think selling them would be financially viable. (For some reason I can’t get to comment on your blog???)

    Lynette – Thank you, but I am too scared to get into it. I already have too many hobbies and I think that one might just be addictive…

    Hanlie – thank you. I like to try new stuff, but then move on to the next thing. I should possibly concentrate on one thing for a while.

    Shayne – thanks, as I said I am too scared to get into it. I have always collected all sorts of paper and scraps and things and made cards and the like but to formally start scrapbooking. I think it would be a bad idea for me.

  2. Stunning. Is it made out of material?
    I make one very year, but out of paper and I use photos for each month…person’s birthday, couples anniversary etc…

  3. Kirsty it is paper – made out of the coloured paper bags, which I folded and punched. I think the photo idea is great too.

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