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What would you do?

Whilst on holiday I took a photo from my In-laws kitchen window of the “view”.  I then forgot that it was on my camera until yesterday when I downloaded some photos. 

I had intended to post it on my blog as I was sure that nobody would believe me unless they saw the picture.  Now I am not so sure I want to post it.  I mean I think the photo is hilarious, it is of their neighbour mowing the lawn, yes I know does not sound that interesting but you should see what he is (or isn’t) wearing.  But, could in all good consciousness  I put it on the internet knowing that everyone who sees the photo will laugh?  That just seems mean to me – like bullying or something.  I mean the poor guy was in his own yard, mowing his lawn, possibly expecting a bit of privacy???? The fact that he is approaching 80 and wearing nothing more than a skimpy tanga well… But then if I still had as good a body as he does at his age maybe I would want it plastered all over the internet? 

What would you do? 

  • Post it – it is funny after all. (for us, maybe not for him)
  • Post it but black out his face?
  • Not post it, because you would not want somebody to do that to you? 

You can’t all just say post it because you want to see the picture!!!!


4 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. I like your calendar!! When not training for IM I do things like that as well. Any way your neighbor reads the blog? If so, no go on the post. Maybe if you do make it so people can’t tell who he is 🙂

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