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Here goes!

Here are the photo’s of my In-Law’s neighbour. Apparently this is how he mows the lawn year round (I guess that is how he gets the tan).  Remembering that he is approaching 80!

No title necessary?

9 thoughts on “Here goes!

  1. hayley – yip, ways.

    Hanlie – I know, pretty impressive considering his age. His style sense, not so impressive.

    Shayne – I suppose he probaby thinks it is pretty secure, and does not expect his neighbours Daughter-in-law to be standing in the kitchen taking pictures.

    Charisa – I did not think anyone would believe me without photographic evidence.

  2. Kirsty – ha, ha, although I am not sure how many of them go about with nothing more on that a tanga and a pair of crocs…….

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