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In real life!

It is funny how you can get excited about meeting somebody in real life that you have never met before besides on the internet!  But all I can say is I am very excited!!!  Bree Wee, who lives in Hawaii, who I admire greatly and whose blog I have followed for quite a while, has said she is planning on coming to Port Elizabeth to do Ironman South Africa in April this year.  Woo Hoo!!! 

So April should be an exciting month.  Not only is my sister coming back for a few weeks (also to do IM), which in itself is enough to send me bouncing of the walls, but I get to meet and support Bree in real life and not just track her over the internet or watch her on TV.  Very, very exciting. 

Of course the other person that I will be meeting soon for the first time is Baby OL – I am officially 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days to go (although I know the chances of it arriving on its due date are slim.


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