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The finished product

Here are some photos of the padded playmat I made.  I am very impressed with my little self and love how it came out. Although I am sure that proper quilters or seamstresses would be hanging themselves with the cord of thier sewing machine if they took a closer look!

The finished playmat
The inspection
The approval

Bacardi seems to think I made it for him…..

12 thoughts on “The finished product

  1. Geesh, we have another undercover Martha in our ranks. I have to ask you in my nicest voice — is there anything you cant do ? Its beautiful Pamie!


  2. Shayne – thanks (just don’t look to closely)

    Damaria – thank you.

    Kirsty – sorry, we have grown quite attached to him – you are not getting him back……

    Hayley – thanks

    Lynette – yes, he thinks it is his.

    Melody – I can’t sing or do anything in the musical line. Mr OL has already ordered me NOT to sing lullabies or rhymes for fear of giving Baby OL nightmares.
    Oh yes, and I have no co-ords for anything that involves hitting, catching or throwing, hence the reason I run and swim.

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