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Anybody know a good Daycare?


My day did not start of very well.  I have 1 month exactly left till my estimated due date and I thought I had everything pretty much organized and then…… 

My maid arrived this morning and told me she needs to tell me something.  Yikes, ok?  She is pregnant too.  “Woo, congratulations that is fantastic!”  Well, that is what I said, that is not what I was thinking.  I was thinking – “What the hell happened, you told me you were done with having kids!!!!” 

Our plan had been that she would go from working 2 days a week to working full time and she would look after Baby OL while I was at work.  She has been with us for a number of years, is very reliable and excellent with children and babies. We had discussed her doing a Child Care and First Aid/CPR course while I was on Maternity Leave so that when she started full time at the beginning of June she would at least know CPR and the basics like that. Well, her baby is now due in July and she no longer (obviously) wants to work full time. Also she would be off for a couple of months just when I needed somebody. 

This really throws a spanner in the works.  I don’t really want to employ somebody that I don’t know to be a nanny and I also would have preferred not to send Baby OL to Daycare.  Looks like I am not going to have an option any longer and Daycare it will be! This sucks!!! Not only have I now left it very late and the good Daycares are fully booked but it is not what I wanted. 

I know – flexibility as a parent but still.  URGH!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Anybody know a good Daycare?

  1. Why don’t you ask around yr friends etc – often that is the way to find a fab nanny. which is really the nicer option at the end of the day.

    or try to find a day mom – someone who really only cares for babies/littles and doesn’t have a ton of kids around – 3/4 at the max.

    don’t panic just yet. you still have time.

  2. Imsonotablogger – thanks. Lets hope so.

    Shayne – I will be asking around, but at the moment nobody I have spoken to has anyone to recommend. Or if they have the nannies want live-in and I unfortunately don’t have that facility available. I do believe that everything works out for the best in the end, so here is hoping!

  3. DS – I am still holding out hope that we can find one. I have started asking around friends so lets see.
    Lynette – thankfully I get 4 months so only need to go back in June, which gives me a bit of time. But I would have liked to have this all sorted out well in advance.

  4. oooh – that sux!!! I would deffo go for another person to be a nanny in your home…. they are just so little to go to day care, and esp. in winter – he/she will still be so small, it will be nicer to not have to drop them somewhere in the cold weather, but rather say goodbye, and leave them in the warm house… sorry it has happened! x

  5. No man! That is really a curve ball and I would NOT be stoked either BUT you do have plenty of time to find a good replacement; someone that can be there while you are still home so you can suss them out.

    Am with Kirsty; try, by all means, to keep baby OL at home if you can for as long as possible.

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