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Full term!

I am 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered full term.  Yikes, that basically means the baby can now come any time it likes, even though my estimated due date is in 3 weeks today. 

I suppose what has brought this more to a reality that I could actually have a baby very soon is that one of my friends that is was due at about the same time as me had her baby yesterday. 

Today at work I have been running around and delivering everything that needs to be delivered – just in case.  I think everything is now up to date, my clients have all been informed that I might go off very soon and who to contact should they require anything for the next 4 MONTHS!!!  

I guess the next important thing for me to do is to finish packing my hospital bag.  I can’t believe it is nearly time.  But then again – it could be late to, so I might actually have to wait anything up to 5 weeks, unpredictable little blighters!!! 

I guess all I can say is watch this space.


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