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Neighbourhood Watch – Part 2

I love my neighbours!  

I have mentioned before that they “watch” our house and report on anything that is out of the norm.  It is quite reassuring, even if it means we need to remind ourselves that “somebody is always watching” and not to do anything that could be uhmmmm – witnessed. 

Well, it just got better!! Yesterday we had workers there and they were using the garage to cut wood so we could not park our cars inside when we returned from work.  I park in the driveway and then when Mr OL arrived home a few minutes later he parked just behind my car. The supervisor of the workers arrived shortly after us.  He drove one of those older large Mercedes Benz. 

Well, a few minutes after he left our neighbour came running over.  She had seen the our cars parked outside and the other car and just wanted to know if everything is ok with the baby. She does not want to be nosey as she knows her mother-in-law can be but the other car looked like one of those elderly doctor’s cars and she just want to make sure.  She is a nurse and midwife and specialises in newborns and babies so if anything is wrong she could help.  Mr OL said, no everything is fine and explained the situation. 

She then said, well she does specialise in babies so once the baby is born if I ever need help, or advice or even just a break for an hour or two she is right across the road and will be offended if I don’t ask her.  YIPEE!!!!!  I feel I might just be taking her up on that offer. 

It is very reassuring to know that somebody who knows stuff about babies is close by because I am rather clueless!  So as I mentioned – I love my neighbours!!!!

Then in an unexpected move – here are a couple of photos of me that I took this morning.  37 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

37 Weeks
37 Weeks - The BUMP!