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Another “vicious” shark attack?

I knew things were pretty relaxed in New Zealand, but this relaxed???  Even the sharks seem to take it pretty easy. 

Yesterday in Invercargill, New Zealand a teenager got bitten by a shark.  Which she had stood on twice before it actually turned and bit her.  The article is here.  Shame, I am not sure who would have been more scared.  The shark or her?

Luckily “the quick-thinking teen” managed to fight it off with her polystyrene body board? 

Yip, I recon that was a very dangerous type of shark.  I don’t think our Great Whites would be quite so easily deterred.

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Vote – boy or girl?

So, based on yesterday’s photos it seems that most people seem to think I am going to have a boy, except maybe 6000 who thinks it is possible that it might be a girl, but more than likely a boy.  Most people who meet me also seem to think boy, except for one person who said she knows things like that and ALWAYS gets it right. She has said girl. 

So, I thought I would take guesses and see in about 2 or so weeks who got it right.  Sorry no prizes! 

So what do you think – boy or girl? 

And if you say boy you had better suggest a boy’s name as well, because at the moment we don’t have one!!!!  

We think we have settled on a girls name but, a boys name – absolutely NO IDEA!