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Another “vicious” shark attack?

I knew things were pretty relaxed in New Zealand, but this relaxed???  Even the sharks seem to take it pretty easy. 

Yesterday in Invercargill, New Zealand a teenager got bitten by a shark.  Which she had stood on twice before it actually turned and bit her.  The article is here.  Shame, I am not sure who would have been more scared.  The shark or her?

Luckily “the quick-thinking teen” managed to fight it off with her polystyrene body board? 

Yip, I recon that was a very dangerous type of shark.  I don’t think our Great Whites would be quite so easily deterred.


4 thoughts on “Another “vicious” shark attack?

  1. Poor shark. I would bite someone as well if the stood on me (twice). And then to get smacked with a boogyboard. And the best bit is that it became world news.

  2. I know, shame. I laughed when I read it. And also thought poor shark. Also loved the fact that they mentioned it was a polystyrene board. I knew New Zealand had no native poisonous snakes, spiders, plants or vicious animals. I did not realise this extended to their sharks as well.

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