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Vote – boy or girl?

So, based on yesterday’s photos it seems that most people seem to think I am going to have a boy, except maybe 6000 who thinks it is possible that it might be a girl, but more than likely a boy.  Most people who meet me also seem to think boy, except for one person who said she knows things like that and ALWAYS gets it right. She has said girl. 

So, I thought I would take guesses and see in about 2 or so weeks who got it right.  Sorry no prizes! 

So what do you think – boy or girl? 

And if you say boy you had better suggest a boy’s name as well, because at the moment we don’t have one!!!!  

We think we have settled on a girls name but, a boys name – absolutely NO IDEA!


8 thoughts on “Vote – boy or girl?

  1. Must be honest when I saw your tummy i immediately though boy. You’re carrying out front and not at the sides, which apparently says BOY.

    I love girls tho and would love you to experience the joy girls bring, not that boys don’t, i just don’t know about it!

  2. Girl.

    Just an uneducated guess from a dad that has one of each!

    Boys names? Josh, Luke, Alex, John. Or something more exotic like Storm… or even Avatar.

    Actually, I heard a good one last night at rugby practise. A father had named his son Huckuw, pronounced Huck you. Poor kid!

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions of names.

    Kirsty you and I have VERY similar styles in names. Kyle was my favourite and I had Josh, Luke, Alex, James and Ryan on my list too but MR OL has VETOED all of those. Drat!!! I am still trying to convince him about Kyle but he is not budging. Pretty much like I am not budging on his suggestion of Callum.

    Delboy – I am also going with girl. Lets see if we are right. I dont’ think I will be naming my kid anything ilke Huckuw???? Shame…..

    Charisa – Jonathan was also on my provisional list of suggestions but Mr OL said no to that one too.

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