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If you have nothing nice to say….

rather say nothing at all – or did you mom not teach you that????

You know there are just some people that you like right away and then there are the others…. The ones that you know, you will NEVER like. 

I encountered one on Sunday!  And she was standing in my house.  

Her boyfriend had come to help Mr OL out with some rewiring (we are having a kitchen done – yes I agree, fantastic timing being 9 months pregnant and all).  Anyway, they walk in while I am busy painting the last of my frogs – and feeling rather proud of them.  She asks if she can see what I am doing so I said by all means. She walks over, looks at them and asks if she can make a suggestion. – WTF!!! Me, in my dumbfounded state say yes. She says I should do something with the background, not just have it white.  This is the first time I have met this girl, and this is the first thing that she has to say to me… After I recovered from my shock I said, no I left it white on purpose and decide to show her the nursery so she can see the contrast.  Dumb move on my part!  She said she quite liked it, but then asked about the tree I painted and did I come up with it, and she supposes it does lift the room otherwise the brown would be rather flat.  Why the hell did she think I painted it???? 

She looked at some of my other paintings around the house, only to criticize them as well. She asked if I use oil or acrylic paint and when I said I use mostly oils, she says have I ever thought of mixing my paints with boiled linseed oil because my colours are dull.  Excuse me????  I told her I paint for fun, and no I have not thought about it and no I won’t be doing that in the future either.   I am quite proud of my paintings.  The she looks at a set of 3 that I did and asked if I was trying to copy Andy Warhol, but completed the sentence with, Oh, you probably don’t know who Andy Warhol is.  The little $##$%!@#$$!!!!!  I said, I know exactly who he is and these painting are nothing like his style, I have done a few in his style before, but I sold them, as I have done with a number of my pieces.  I was getting slightly irritated at this stage. 

She then had the nerve to comment on my garden, asked if I had thought of covering the patio and made a few other…. suggestions.  I think by this stage I was in too much shock to say anything back to her. And  if I had thought of something to say it might not have been very pleasant.  But my mom raised me better than that.  If you have nothing nice to say rather say nothing at all – her mom should have taught her that. 

The second she left I turned to Mr OL and said – “I intensely dislike that girl!”


18 thoughts on “If you have nothing nice to say….

  1. I think I intensely dislike her too. We’ll have to make voo doo dolls of her and Yummy mummy no.1 and stick pins in them!!! x-x
    Your froggie pics are gorgeous…. me thinks she was just jealous

  2. I’m with Kirsty on this one – I dislike her too. She’s bloody rude!

    Your artwork/nursery etc is absolutely gorgeous, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    She’s just jealous!

  3. I hope she reads this blog post, because I dislike her attitude too, and I think it would do her a world of good to learn that criticising strangers, in their homes, can never be camouflaged as giving advice. It is, and has always been bad manners. Annd free advice is worth exactly how much you pay for it – nothing.

  4. Umm, yes…coming from the mothering school of “if you have nothing nice to say” myself, I have to agree with what has been said above.

    What a spiteful, condescending little madam to come into your home & criticise what is clearly a labour of love – and a beautiful one at that.

    Everything else aside, does she not know that you really shouldn’t piss off someone who is 9 months pregnant??!

    Not PE’s resident genius, I’m guessing…

  5. Lynette – thankfully I have not come across that many. But the few that I have are enough.

    Kirsty – that must be it. Jealousy! Voo doo dolls good idea!

    Laura – thanks.

    Shayne – thank you very much. It was not like I was asking for her approval, I just was not expecting critisism either.

    DS – yip, I took it exactly that way – worth nothing. I still love my pictures and am proud of them.

    Charisa – I had nothing else really to say about her. She will not be on any invite lists.

    forgingahead – I ignored her comments but it was difficult seeing as she was wondering around my home. I think she was lucky I was in a bit of shock. Given time I might have had more to say.

    Swansentiments – thank you. Whether she has talent or I am not sure about. I did find out that she “studied” art. Not that, that means anything. And most real artists I have met are nothing but encouraging.

    ugogo – I did find out that she lives in a small rented flat in a dodgy part of town and has not decorated it since she moved in. Must spend most of her “creative energy” critisising other people’s places.

    lowercasespeaking – the thought did pass though my mind.

    The broads – I did not think it was worth it – sinking to her level and all.

    Liquid pixel – nope, I think not!

    6000 – that was pretty much what I was thinking as I was speaking to her, but the comment to Mr OL was what I said out loud.

    cat – thank you very much

  6. Yes, you can get a bloody nose while taking the high road, but you are at the point where you can play the pregnancy card 🙂 You are allowed to walk away from people with bad energy and this person sounds like she sucks the energy out of any space she enters.

    On the other hand, your three piece frog artwork is fabulous. Too bad you did not look are her and place your hands over your mouth and say “I speak no evil,” then bolt out of the room 🙂 People have a hard time with creative energy and they do not understand it. This woman sounds very insecure and that was why she was lashing out with “Helpful” suggestions. What she really needed was a paint brush so she could show you what she meant…

    Meow – saucer of milk to the one making catty remarks,

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