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1 more week!

I can’t believe I am due next week! Wow, it seems to have come around pretty fast. 

I plan on working for as long as possible – so far so good and I am not too uncomfortable or anything like that.  My intention is to work up until the birth or until the 19 February, which ever comes first remembering that I am actually due on the 18th!  I might be mad…  

As for internet access and letting everyone know what is going on.  I can access Facebook on my phone, so if you are a FB friend, you will be kept in the loop.  If you want to be a FB friend then let me know. 

My mom also thankfully lives pretty close to me and she has internet access at her house.  Baby and I might be visiting her a lot more often than she thought.  I am also going to see if I can take my laptop home with me and possibly arrange something.  Mr OL is still against getting internet at home but maybe with some convincing……..

10 thoughts on “1 more week!

  1. Cat – he does not want to get it because thinks I might just be addicted and is scared that I would spend all night in front of the computer instead of with him.

  2. Internet at home is USEFUL. You don’t have to spend every minute on it.

    Anyway – I will look out for you on FB. I may also relay information via my blog. So look out for that, OL fans.

  3. Melody – request sent!

    6000 – Thank you, I would appreciate that. And I agree, it would be very useful at home. And considering how we met, it is rather ironic that we don’t have it.

    Hanlie – I would make the same decision, but Mr OL loves his sports!

    Imsonotablogger – requset sent as well.

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