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Who says romance is dead!


So I figured there were two ways of dealing with Valentine’s Day. 

One – hope beyond hope that this one year Mr OL would actually get me something, because each year I have told him it would mean alot to me.  And then get really upset because Mr OL would not acknowledge the day exists (as usual).  In fact by Tuesday I was already building up to this because I already knew he would not do anything…. 


Two – buy myself a box of chocolates, smile and carry on as if it were any other day. 

I decided on Option 2 and it worked much better for me. 

I did not dream I was going to get something or secretly hope he had remembered and would actually wish me a Happy Valentines Day – he of course did not.  And for once I was not upset about it. 

I did think about buying him a card but even decided against that, then I thought I might make him one, I decided against that too.  So,  I pretended like the day did not exist as well.  He did make me breakfast (but he does that most Sunday’s anyway) and later on shared my chocolates with him.  

I hope that your Valentines Day was a bit more romantic.