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Who says romance is dead!


So I figured there were two ways of dealing with Valentine’s Day. 

One – hope beyond hope that this one year Mr OL would actually get me something, because each year I have told him it would mean alot to me.  And then get really upset because Mr OL would not acknowledge the day exists (as usual).  In fact by Tuesday I was already building up to this because I already knew he would not do anything…. 


Two – buy myself a box of chocolates, smile and carry on as if it were any other day. 

I decided on Option 2 and it worked much better for me. 

I did not dream I was going to get something or secretly hope he had remembered and would actually wish me a Happy Valentines Day – he of course did not.  And for once I was not upset about it. 

I did think about buying him a card but even decided against that, then I thought I might make him one, I decided against that too.  So,  I pretended like the day did not exist as well.  He did make me breakfast (but he does that most Sunday’s anyway) and later on shared my chocolates with him.  

I hope that your Valentines Day was a bit more romantic.

14 thoughts on “Who says romance is dead!

  1. Yeah, after my disasterous one last year i have written Valentines day off.

    But, to my surprise i was spoilt rotten – lots of love, attention, quality time and all the meals cooked for the WHOLE weekend – if you know me you’ll know just how much this means to me!

    Plus a box of dark choc Lindt balls.

  2. DS – glad you enjoyed it.

    Shayne – ohhhhh, sounds awesome!!! I think I am just going to write them all off from now on. If anything does ever happen it will be a total surprise. Not that I think anything will ever happen.

    Laura – hmmm, sushi!!!! I have instructed Mr OL that he has to sneak a tray of sushi into the hospital for me. I have been missing it sooooooo much.

    Cat – oh no, That SUCKS!!!! Hopefully your Monday is better.

  3. The man & I just boycott it completely as an example of commercialism run wild. Next year I have decided I am going to have all my single friends over for a huge party and get them to bring a gift they would like to receive on V-day. We’ll pool the gifts & do Secret Valentine or something like that…

    I think it has become a day designed to make single people feel crap & attached people feel guilty for not meeting the expectations of their partners. I wholeheartedly agree with my husband when he says that if you have to set aside one day in a calender year when couples profess their love for each other & are nice to each other, then what’s the point! It’s lovely that you spoil each other this one day, but what about all the others? Anyway…hopping off my soapbox for another year, but am looking forward to my V-day bbash next year!

  4. We ignore Valentines day. Frankly, my man outdoes himself regularly and I have no need for this nonsense. I am also utterly unromantic so nuff said!

    But its lovely for those who enjoy gifting and being spoilt and stuff. For me it all = OTT and I tend to feel smothered!! Maybe I need therapy!!??

  5. Romance, schmomance. I think V-Day is often more about expectations and let-downs. We went out for dinner on Saturday night and called it Valentine’s Day!

  6. Liquid Pixel – that party sounds like a great idea. And I do agree that we should not have to set aside a special day to tell the people we love that we love them. But some acknowledgement would be nice…

    Melody – it appears that ignoring it will be working best for us too. Therapy?? Maybe it should be a group session, appear that if you need it then a few of the rest of us might as well.

    Shayne – I might have to join her.

    Hanlie – I think going out on a different night is a much better idea, all the resturants are over priced or full of lovely dovey people. Normally I will cook a really nice meal but with our kitchen out of action at the moment we did not even do that. It was sandwiches.

    6000 – please talk to the man!

    Lynette – a picnic on the beach is a great idea! But then this is PE, so a bit of wind is probably going to be expected!!!

  7. Being a massage therapist is the best job ever on Valentine’s Day because I get tons of work, make some $ and don’t have to deal with any of the usual sappy crap! My last client even gave me champagne to drink while I massaged her.

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