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I am still here!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday – his prognosis??? Probably not going to happen this week and he will see me again on Monday! 

He did also say though that these things are highly unpredictable so even though he says it is unlikely to happen any time this week the baby might decided differently and come that night.  It didn’t…. 

So, for now I am still at work and carrying on as usual!  Every morning when I arrive they all start laughing – I think they might have taken bets on the sly.  Also Mr OL’s mom and sister and friends phone every day to find out what is going on.  I think they are worried that we wont’ tell them.  

Mr OL is adamant that it is not to come this week.  I would be quite happy if it did.  Let’s hope it listens to its mommy.  In fact, I have told it that I am running a very tight household and that there are going to be schedules and routines and it had better stick to them 🙂 and so to make a good start it should come on its due date (Thursday).