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Due Date – about to pop?

So, I am due TODAY!!!
Here are some photos at 40 weeks pregnant taken this morning when I was getting ready for work.  If the baby does not come today then tomorrow is my last day at work!  Yes, I know one day after my due date – I must have known something…
Week 40 - Due today!!
Week 40 - from the side
And from the top...

 I am sure I had toes at one stage!

13 thoughts on “Due Date – about to pop?

  1. C’mon, baby! But you still look great! What a nicely shaped bump. I hope the next few days go well and you are blessed with a healthy baby who sleeps well from the start.

  2. Hi, so I did not quite make my last day of work! I will write a full report later but for now I will just say Kaylin Elizabeth was born at 5.53am on Friday. All went well. She was 3.4kg and 51 cm long. So much for a boy bump…

  3. Hey, congratulations, I only know you online and one minute you’re an Ironwoman, then I blinked and now you’re a mother … I wish you and your family health and happiness!

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