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Photos – hope this works

One of my mom’s friends has posted these photos.  Here is the link (I hope this works).

Now – isn’t she GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Here is one of her and her gran (my mom)

Baby and Granny OL
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Quick update

So, by now you have heard the news – thanks 6000. 

Kaylin Elizabeth was born on the 19 February  (the day after her due date)and is exactly a month old today.  I can’t believe how the time has flown.  It hardly even feels like a week has gone buy never mind a month.

This is just going to a quick update, I have written a whole “birth story” on my other computer which I will post with photos shortly.  I have snuck onto this computer while my mom is holding Baby OL. 

My last post was “still here” and I was fully expecting to be at work the following day as well, but that did not happen.  My water broke at 10:15pm on the 18th and we went to the hospital.  I was really glad that I was at home as the thing you see on the movies – with a whole gush and then flooding really does happen!  I heard and felt a pop and then it was as if somebody had thrown a bucket of water over me.  Contractions started as we were driving to the hospital.

Anyway – there are a few things that I never thought would happen.  I never thought that I would spend hours staring at little toes, or hands or ears.  I never thought of myself as a “baby person’ – but I am now seriously a baby person – or at least this baby.  I am enjoying her so much.  It does help that she is pretty good though.  I am loving being a mom and have realised that it is probably just as well that I waited 37 years to do this.  I might have wanted quite a few more if I had started any earlier!!!!

I have not started running again yet, but have been walking quite a bit. This morning we went for a 6km walk around the neighbourhood.  It was a stunning morning and it was good to get out.  Baby OL is getting used to her pram and fell fast asleep.

Best I get back to my mom, although I am sure she is loving holding her first grandchild.