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4 Months and what did I do?

So, as I said yesterday I am back at work.  I can NOT believe that it has been over 4 months!  Wow, time really did fly. 

So what did I do over the past 4 months, well besides have a baby (quite a major thingI know) not much.  I had intended to do a whole lot.  But no… babies, especially newborns actually take up quite a bit of time. 

Ok, this one passes quality control.

I must just say – and I am sure that all moms say this – but I have the best baby in the world!!!  The first 4 months have been a lot easier and a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I guess I was not really sure what to expect, but I was scared and worried.  I had never even held a newborn before, never mind had to care for one.  But everyone said it would come naturally and guess what? Despite all my skepticism they were right!  I did not drop her or break her, she seems to be happy, putting on weight and sleeping well.  My excel spreadsheets were however thrown out the window.  She found her own routine and seemed to settle down pretty well – I was lucky. Initially she wanted fed every 3 hours and slept pretty much the rest of the time.  The part I found hard was that it is constant!  Every three hours is not from the end of one feed.  It is from the start, and considering it took her over an hour to feed that meant every two hours.  Luckily she sped up her drinking and now gulps it down.  

She also started sleeping through the night from 9 weeks.  7pm till 7 am! What heaven.  I am not sure what has happened lately though, she has started waking up once or twice again, although I am not complaining, that is still pretty good.  We had her in her own room from the first night and I think that helped.  She also goes down awake and is able to put herself to sleep.  I am battling to get the nanny to understand that concept though, so maybe that is why is waking again???  I have heard from 4 months it all goes downhill again so I am not going to count my chickens just yet.  I might only do that when she is 21.

The one great thing about being off was that I was able to walk and later run during the day.  When she was about 2 weeks old I would put her in her pram and go for a long walk –that would be her morning nap.  She was not so keen the first couple of times but after that she started to love it.  Now the minute we start moving she falls asleep.  After she was 12 weeks old I started to run.  We even won 1st Parent and Pram in a 5km race.  I have put the medal up in her room.  We are not doing 10km regularly.  Not sure how I am going to fit it in now that I am back at work though.  I WANT TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOMMY (with a full time nanny – not asking too much is it?)  I have started playing the lottery again…..

I also did a lot of sewing while I was off.  I made some curtains and cushion covers.  I also started making some toys.   I think they are really cute.  You can visit that blog or facebook page to see them.  I have managed to find a shop in Port Elizabeth that is going to sell them for me. Woop, woop!!!  I am hoping that they take off and that I could possibly go half day here and do that from home in the afternoons???? 


I also managed to find nanny that I am really happy with.  It was a bit of a battle and we had a few on trial.  I also got my nanny that was leaving to meet and interview them too.  We both liked this lady straight away. She has been with me for 2 months now and I am happy.  Kaylin likes her too, which is the most important. 

I also managed to get to one of the football games (England/Slovenia).  What an awesome atmosphere! 

I have also decided that I dislike my wardrobe immensely – and I don’t mean the actual thing with doors, I mean the clothes inside.  I need to do something dramatic about it.   

Ok, so that is about it for now.  Yay!  So excited to be able to post again.


11 thoughts on “4 Months and what did I do?

  1. You had a baby and worked to start a new little business…kudo’s to you my friend.

    Lucky you that she started sleeping through so young…you are obviously doing something very right;-D

  2. I saw your little wachamacalits – very very cute. good on you for starting a business from home!

    A baby that sleeps really is a blessing – and a happy baby too, so youmust be doing something right!

    I have gone private on my Time Out blog – not sure if i invited you or if you’d like an invite. Mail me if you would like one.

  3. It’s great to have you blogging regularly again! I’ve heard that babies are fairly time-consuming, but at least you had help. I’m sure that makes a huge difference.

    Are you going to share your birth story at all?

    Love the wat… those things!

  4. Congrats on starting a small biz from home. And good on you for easing back into the running thing so quickly. I’m guessing you’re happy to be getting your body back,

  5. TC – thank you.

    DS – very happy, but happier just to be able to run. I missed it! Now I just need to get back on my bike.

    FF – Thank you, I hope so. Even for now if I can do that in the afternoons it would be a start.

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