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Home time for me!

Once a month I get to go home at 2pm – yippee. Well seeing it is the end of June and I have not taken my day this month yet (yes I have only been back 2 days) I am taking it today.  Can’t wait to see Baby OL! But first I am stopping off at the fabric shop, I think I am an addict…I have stacks of the stuff, I just need to do stuff with it now.

But first – my toys have been in a local shop for a week now and not a single one has sold.  Boo hoo!!!!  But the girl in the shop said that they had not sold any toys, only décor stuff so maybe I should not be too disheartened?  I will persevere…  I should maybe look around for another shop locally? 

Then I mentioned I am sick of my wardrobe.  I am playing with a couple of ideas on what to do about it, but will keep you informed if and when I do anything. 

 I must just say that I love sewing at the moment.  It started with the playmate for Baby OL and has progressed since there.  It is maybe about time I actually got my own sewing machine.  I have been using my mom’s, but then again she has not used it lately.  It is a really nice one, even if it is as old as me! She got it when she got married.  They just don’t make stuff like they used to.


2 thoughts on “Home time for me!

  1. My mom’s old Bernina is older than me! And it’s seen hard use all these years… My mom makes most of her own clothes and most of mine.

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